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Affordable & Manageable SBA Startup Business Loans

Recognized for our expertise in SBA startup business loans, our team works hard to find the right, affordable and manageable financial solutions that provide you with capital your company needs.

Borrow between
100k up to 25 million

FLEXIBLE interest rates mandated by SBA Loan Programs

No prepayment fees or penalties

3 – 25 year terms Fixed monthly payments

At, Sagittarius A Funding, we connect you with the leading industry leaders who put you first. We understand the value of obtaining a small business startup financing as an essential part of starting your dream venture and provide you with reliable financing options.

Grow your Business with Approved SBA Loans in California

As one of the first loan types our company offered, SBA Loans are one of the most valuable loans to grow any business. We really focus on helping our business owners get the most affordable loans so that their business can grow.

SBA loans are offered in a variety of formats, and for very specific purposes such as Disaster Loans, Microloans, and Real Estate & Equipment Loans.

Benefits of SBA Loans via Sagittarius A Funding

We’ll help you secure government protected, SBA financing, so that you can quickly and efficiently grow your business.


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Whether you’re starting, expanding or recovering your business, our SBA loan programs are immediately available and designed to help you and your business grow and succeed in record time.

Bypass all the red tape & bottlenecks and avail a system that provides your quickest approvals for loans of any amount. We provide a quick and easy method of accumulating funds to grow your business.